“I had been through a difficult time both personally and professionally and seeing Deborah really helped me put things in perspective and feel good about myself again – she helped me put myself back together”


“I had previously been to see a therapist, but the problems came back again, Deborah really seemed to get me and instinctively knew what was blocking me, once I understood what was going on, I was able to work towards changing the way I behaved and responded, which I believe saved our marriage – thank you from all of us”


“The Counselling I received was excellent. At first I didn't really 'get it'. I couldn't understand how it was going to help, but after the first few sessions I found myself exploring my feelings and emotions. It has made a great deal of difference to not only me but to my family. Deborah was professional & showed great empathy throughout the sessions”


Group therapy – “I have very much enjoyed and learned from your style of facilitation, which I feel has been containing, challenging, insightful and consistent. Thank you for the experience”

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