Dementia Counselling

I am keen to support those in the early stages of Alzheimer’s Disease or Dementia and help you explore your feelings and think about how you will cope and plan for the future. The process is much the same as counselling, but using my particular expertise in alzheimer’s disease to inform the process.
How to make an Appointment
Maybe the hardest part of the counselling process is making that first appointment. Sometimes it's difficult to reach out and ask for help; often people put up with feeling unhappy.

If you would like to consider therapy just pick up the phone to make an appointment (tel: 01227 261159). The first session will give you the opportunity to meet the me, share your issues and to find out more about you. This will help you decide whether we are able to work together and find out more about the therapy process.

The first session will be for an hour and there is a fixed fee. We try to make our rates affordable to all. If you wish to commit to more sessions we will arrange for a time to meet regularly each week for one hour.

Cost: £45 per session (reduced rates for those on low incomes)
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